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Interview Body Language

Body Language 

"I think it is important to have body awareness before you go into an interview," she said. There are many actions and habits that we should consider doing or avoid doing to tell the right story during the interview setting.

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Job Interviews – The Components to Success
The components that an interviewer makes judgments on when first meeting someone includes, but is not limited to:
  • Posture
  • Eye contact
  • Personal Grooming
  • Clothes
  • Body Language
Your Posture: Confidence is projected when you walk tall with your head up and shoulders back.  Ideally your posture should embody a confident and friendly entrance into the reception and continue when you are greeted by the interviewer.  During the interview, sit up straight with your bottom into the back of the chair, to project interest and alertness.  You may wish to lean forward at certain stages of the conversation, but avoid taking up the interviewer’s ‘personal space’ or appearing too eager or even desperate.
Eye Contact: Looking directly at the person you are speaking to is interpreted as a gesture of interest, trust and confidence, so ensure that this is done throughout the interview.  You can also use a nod of the head to indicate understanding and agreement.  It is advisable to smile your way through most of the interview – which will have the natural effect of putting the interviewer and yourself at ease.
Personal Grooming: This area involves all the things your mother told you about.  Such things as clean facial hair (men), well manicured nails, use of deodorant, light make-up and fragrance etc.  Be sure your breath will be fresh smelling, however under no circumstances should you be either chewing gum or have a mint in your mouth during the interview.  For cigarette smokers, ensure that your clothes and hair do not smell of cigarettes, as this can be a real negative with employers.
Clothes: Your interview attire is very important.  The general rule is to dress conservatively and professionally.  Do not make the mistake of distracting the interviewer with obvious fashion mistakes – anything that is too bold, old or out of place could count against you.  Women have more options than men regarding appropriate interview attire, but again the general safest rule is to think ‘corporate.’
Body Language: If you are a person who uses their hands a lot for speaking, try to keep this to a minimum.  This will not only distract the interviewer from your words but will break your eye contact.  The less you use your arms and hands, the more powerful you will appear.  Avoid sitting with your arms or legs crossed, which can be seen as an arrogant or defensive gesture. ‘Mirroring’ the body language of the interviewer is a good technique – as like people attract.  If you reflect back the body language of the interviewer, you are more likely to make a positive impression and put them at ease.

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