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English Preparation Tips

                   English Preparation Tips - Now days, either its educational institutions or any company all organizations are holding competitions between the candidates to eliminate the rush and select the best one. The competitive exam includes English subject as core subject in which the English Grammar questions and the Essay type, comprehensive and other English Language questions are asked.

By this competitive exam the organization weigh the abilities of a candidate such as subject knowledge, reasoning abilities, conceptual knowledge, English Grammar, memory power, English sentence making skills etc. These competitive exams either for any entrance in educational institute admissions or in job recruitment in any company, are designed to approach all the above mentioned aspects in candidates.

Competition is placed among the candidates is not only weighs the aspirants abilities but also help the organizations to eliminate them who are not perfect for vacant seats. Thus the candidates have to face much tough competition in order to recruit for jobs or get entrance in reputed university.

The competitive exams mostly include the general English questions such as on the topics of:
  1. Grammar
  2.  Vocabulary
  3. Sentence completion
  4. Synonyms
  5. Antonyms
  6.  Comprehension of a passage
  7.  Spotting the Errors
  8.  Filling in the blanks
  9. Use of prepositions, idioms/phrases
  10. Test of spellings
  11. Re-arranging jumbled up sentences, etc.

                  A candidate must have to prepare for the above mentioned topics in English to score a good percentage. The candidate must see the previous year papers or mock test papers and Sample papers are easily available in market. The candidate can increase their English properly by reading English grammar books. 

                   The level of questionings come in the exams is of 10th or 12th standard questions. So, you can approach any 10th or 12th standard book that easily available to nearest book seller and start your practice for these exams. By doing this the candidate will be able to compete the examination. 

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