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GATE 2014 Syllabus

GATE 2014 Syllabus gives the topics needed to be studied by the aspirants for each of the 22 papers that are available under the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2014. Candidates may note that the Syllabus for GATE 2014 will be broadly mentioned topic wise and candidates have to prepare according to the discipline they choose to write the GATE 2014 exam in. Given below is the Syllabus for the GATE 2014 Papers.

GATE 2014 Syllabus
  • Candidates may note that the General Aptitude (GA) will be common for all the papers
  • To check the Syllabus for GATE 2014 according to the exam paper, candidates can download the corresponding syllabus in PDF format below.
Syllabus for General Aptitude (GA)  Download
GATE 2014 Paper Download PDFGATE 2014 Paper Download PDF
Aerospace Engineering (AE)DownloadGeology and Geophysics (GG)Download
Agricultural Engineering (AG)DownloadInstrumentation Engineering (IN)Download
Architecture and Planning (AR)DownloadMathematics (MA)Download
Biotechnology (BT)DownloadMechanical Engineering (ME)Download
Civil Engineering (CE)DownloadMining Engineering (MN)Download
Chemical Engineering (CH)DownloadMetallurgical Engineering (MT)Download
Computer Sc. &  Information Technology (CS)DownloadPhysics (PH)Download
Chemistry (CY)DownloadProduction and Industrial Engineering (PI)Download
Electronics and Communication Engg (EC)DownloadTextile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)Download
Electrical Engineering (EE)DownloadEngineering Sciences XE)Download
Ecology and Evolution (EY)DownloadLife Sciences (XL)Download

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